Spraybooth used in sculpture of anniversary gorilla

A leading spraybooth manufacturer best known for its work in the automotive and aerospace industries has played an integral role in the sculpture of a fibre-glass gorilla.

Bosses at STL have spoken of their delight after hearing that their booth had supported a project to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust – while admitting it was the strangest use of their state-of-the-art spraybooth to date.

Three spraybooths were installed at TrustFord Rue des Pres earlier this year as part of a £190,000 refurbishment with bosses revealing that the new ovens had already speeded up traditional processes. But they were given a more unconventional purpose when TrustFord supported the anniversary plans of the conservation trust, which operate Jersey Zoo. To celebrate the 60th birthday, brightly-coloured, life-size gorilla sculptures will be dotted around the island as part of an anniversary trail.

TrustFord sponsored one of the gorillas and arranged for it to be primed using a STL spraybooth before it goes on display. Kevin Dillon, STL Sales Director, said: “We are very proud to design and install bespoke spraybooths that can solve any need.

“We were a little surprised when we heard our booths at TrustFord had been used to prime a fibre-glass gorilla. But we are happy to support such a worthwhile project.”

TrustFord chairman and chief executive, Stuart Foulds, said:

“While not a typical use of our bodyshop, the priming of our TrustFord-sponsored gorilla was an interesting way to put our new industry-leading equipment and specialist team through their paces.”

Jonathan Bell, general manager of TrustFord Channel Islands, said they were delighted with the new booths, adding:

“Our new spraybooths were manufactured and installed by STL and feature the latest technology offering reduced energy consumption and clean-air environments with advanced filter systems. Car paint has to be baked on and these new ovens have really speed up the process. Our bodyshop team are very pleased with the new paint system and find it is much better to work with.”