Process-oriented design

Innovation and design underpins everything we do

STL has been at the forefront of spraybooth design and innovation for nearly a quarter of a century, as evidenced by some of our incredible large-scale industrial and aerospace applications, and our unique products such as the movable TEMPO spraybooth. Equipped with the very latest 2D and 3D design and analysis tools, our experienced and highly-regarded engineers take a process-driven approach to design, ensuring that every installation is tailored to the needs of each site for maximum productivity and profitability, and in full compliance with all relevant legislation.

Engineered to a business plan

Our bespoke spraybooth design capability and in-house manufacturing gives us the capacity to effectively start each project with a blank sheet of paper (if required). We usually undertake a detailed site survey, and also analyse key factors, such as intended work throughout, performance requirements, budget, any technical challenges, the requirements of coatings being used, the space and facilities available and more. We are then able to tailor and refine a solution providing the perfect balance of productivity, performance, energy consumption and through life costs.

An ongoing commitment to R&D

Our standard down-draft, compact and commercial spraybooths are subject to constant refinement, and are also suitably modular in design as to form the basis of bespoke designs that are tailored to meet the exact requirement of each client.

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