Specialist alloy wheel powder coating plant

This unique and patented alloy wheel powder coating plant from STL makes the process of power coating alloy wheels a fast, efficient and profitable activity. It has long been recognised that spraying is not a good long-term solution for alloy wheel refurbishment. However, there has not been a truly viable, space-efficient solution that can cater for sufficient volume to make powder coating of alloy wheels commercially viable for the car repair industry. Until now.

Following a detailed study of the processes and ergonomics involved in the powder coating of allow wheels, STL has devised a new and truly unique integrated system. Its simplicity belies its genius. Requiring less workshop space than a car spraybooth, this self-contained powder coating plant outperforms million-pound production lines.

Process up to 40 wheels in an eight-hour shift

The twin oven arrangement complete with overhead track system means that alloy wheels can be processed efficiently in batches of four. Wheels are simply side-shifted from the spraying area into the curing oven while the next set is brought it for coating, making the whole process a simple one-man operation.

alloy wheel powder coating plant
alloy wheel powder coating spraybooth
  • Requires less workshop space than a car spraybooth
  • Processes up to 40 wheels per eight-hour shift
  • Compact and energy efficient solution
  • Fast and simple one-man operation

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