Industrial spraybooths

High performance, efficient and innovative industrial spraybooths across a broad range of industries. STL’s flexible and innovative approach to creating paint application facilities combines the very highest quality with fast production times and low running costs, and has benefited a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Wind turbines
  • Oil rig manufacture
  • Vending machines
  • Musical instruments
  • Custom joinery
  • Shop fittings
  • Conservatories, doors and windows
  • High performance ceramics
  • Motorcycle components and crash helmets
  • Earth moving plants
  • GRP components
  • General engineering component

Our unique design capability allows us to create tailored solutions to meet the customer’s specific requirements, from large-scale low-volume batch production to fully automated conveyorised preparation and coating lines.

A global reach

As word of our capabilities spreads, demand for our products and services grows, and we are now increasingly involved in large-scale overseas projects.

Process-driven design solutions

Every new project starts with the careful analysis of the processes involved, coatings used, scale and design throughput so that we can then tailor a design to suit. We often develop facilities in partnership with the main paint manufacturers to ensure we create the perfectly controlled spraying environment to suit the process, with reduced processing times and low cost of operation.

industrial spraybooths
industrial spray booth design

Intelligent, versatile and innovative

Our tailored and innovative approach to the design and engineering of industrial spraybooths results in spraying facilities that combine robust reliability, sophisticated air management, energy efficiency and an intelligent use of available workshop space.

Designed to perform and built to last

Quality in key to everything we do. We don’t cut corners, all of our equipment is designed to perform and built to last. We are also BS EN ISO 9001 certified for the Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Spraybooths.

industrial spray booths
industrial spraybooth

Increased productivity

A combination of sophisticated PLC controls, efficient burner management and high velocity air flows reduces paint drying times significantly, removing traditional paint shop bottleneck and significantly increasing production throughput.

Energy efficiency

Energy represents a sizable proportion of the operating costs of a manufacturing company. However, STL spraying facilities employ unique energy-saving technology, such as insulated cabins, accurate modulating burner controls, variable speed fan controls and fully automated “eco-modes” making them arguably the most productive and energy efficient spraybooths in the world.

industrial spray booth

Customers include:


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