Energy saving and safety features

STL is a world leader in the development of energy saving spraybooths, with unique and patented technology designed to improve operator safety, reduce process times and reduce energy consumption.

Spraybooth lighting

Our ATEX-compliant LED pod lighting is BASEEFA approved and includes energy-saving occupancy sensors that automatically turns lights off if the booth is left empty. The lights automatically turn back on upon entry to the spraybooth.

High efficiency, energy saving spraybooth lighting
direct gas-fired burner system energy saving spraybooths

High efficiency gas burners

Our direct-fired gas (or LPG) burners are virtually 100% fuel efficient, and automatically modulate heat output to match operator requirements for accurate temperature control and maximum efficiency.

Acoustic attenuation

Intelligent design combined with quality materials and sophisticated acoustic attenuation ensure low noise levels and full compliance with local authority requirements.

High efficiency, energy saving spraybooths from STL

Clearance indicator system

The HSE-preferred method of informing workers when a booth is safe. Amber beacons indicate when spraying is in progress and the booth should not be entered, with an internal unit to warn sprayers to keep respiratory equipment in place. Beacons automatically switch off when the booth is hazard free.

Intelligent control

Our sophisticated and durable control panels are tailored to the exact requirements required of each installation, providing accurate temperate and airflow control and a fully automated energy saving eco-mode.

AquaDry air agitation

High-level nozzles, operating from above the spray area, direct preheated filtered air into the cabin for rapid flash-off and drying of all waterborne paints and solvent-based clear/topcoat.

Variable speed fan control

Powerful, efficient and quiet in operation, our high performance direct-drive fan units enable our energy saving spraybooths to closely match power output to airflow requirements.

Insulated lightweight ducting

Our innovative and fully-insulated lightweight ducting can be specified to reduce the structural load on a building, saving on installation costs and reducing the need for hot works on site during installation.

Cabin construction

The entire spray booth cabin, including the plenum, is manufactured from CE-marked components, with double-skinned and fully-insulated panels to minimise heat loss on bake cycles and ensure sound structural integrity.

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