Eco Repair Qube

A fully-functional bodyshop that can be installed in days

Another ground-breaking innovation from the team at STL.  Designed and developed by STL for Eco Repair Qube Ltd, the Repair Qube is effectively a standalone, fully-functional bodyshop that can be installed in just a few days. For more information visit or get in touch with the Eco Repair Qube team direct on 01443844991 or email

Requiring a footprint of no more than six parking spaces, the Qube is fully portable, easy to re-site and comes complete with load-bearing floors, two oversize repair booths, a paint mixing room, reception and welfare rooms and parts/goods storage.

Eco Repair Qube - a fully-functional bodyshop that can be installed in days
Eco Repair Qube - bodyshop that can be installed in days

The pre-assembled modular units and arrive equipped, two oversized repair booths, a paint mix room, reception and welfare areas as well as parts/goods storage facilities.

The intelligent design layout combines effective use of space with the lowest energy consumption.

The technology is based on STL’s award winning patented TEMPO movable spraybooth. Unique airflow arrangement ensures a clean, filtered-air spraying environment with excellent overspray removal.

Eco Repair Qube

LED lighting system combines excellent lighting levels with exceptionally low energy use. Low energy 30kW direct gas-fired burner (LPG or natural gas) provides paint cure temperatures of up to 60°C tailored to modern paint types.
The electrical energy consumption for the entire facility is less than one conventional combi spraybooth whilst gas consumption is less than 40%.

For more information, please call us now on 01787 313550 or email us.