Downdraft spraybooths

Introducing the STL Cylcone – the ultimate downdraft spraybooth

Combining the very latest in technology with exceptional quality, the Cyclone downdraft spraybooth provides unrivalled levels of performance and efficiency.  Trusted to perform by high volume bodyshops, dealership groups and de-fleet centres throughout the UK, the Cyclone high airflow spraybooth is simply as good as it gets.

The perfect spraying environment

True wall-to-wall inlet filter plenum for uniform airflows throughout cabin.  Extraction either by fully-gridded floor or centralised pit, with the option of raised gridded floors if preferred.

downdraft spraybooth
downdraft spray booth

Intelligent design

Unique ATEX-approved air-cooled pod lighting system with energy saving occupancy sensors ensure lights are only on when needed.

AquaDry Air Agitation blower system for speeds up production by reducing flash-off and drying times.


Sizes range from standard car spraybooths through to large commercial units, tailored to the needs of each individual site.

downdraft spraybooths
downdraft spray booths

High performance

Our optional fully-gridded floors are perfectly balanced to create even levels of extraction throughout the cabin.

Engineered to perform

Powerful, high efficiency fans with energy-saving variable speed control and automated Eco mode.

High efficiency

Fully modulating high efficiency direct gas-fired burner (optional indirect oil fired burner available too).

External spray booths (option)

All STL spraybooths are built to last, with a durable double-skinned and insulated steel panel walls and roof. Where space dictates, we can build fully externalised spraybooth units.

Real-world sophistication

Fully programmable PLC control panel with a robust, operator-friendly interface.

Service and support

Comprehensive aftercare package includes 2-year warranty.

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