Rear wall extraction spraybooths

Introducing the Spraymate, an innovative and versatile range of compact, rear wall extraction spraybooths, ideal for any bodyshop.  The Spraymate range provides quality and performance in a cost effective and energy-efficient package. With sizes ranging from a standard car booth through to large commercial vehicle sized units, this range of rear-wall extract semi-downdraft spraybooths offers a level of performance and specification that outperforms its rivals and belies its price.

No excavations required

High quality, double-skinned construction combined with rear-wall extraction.

energy saving rear wall extraction spraybooths
High performance, energy saving rear wall extraction spraybooths

Superb air flows

Full width roof filtration ensures even air movement throughout cabin.

Energy saving features

Unique ATEX-approved air-cooled pod lighting system with energy-saving occupancy sensors (meaning the lights are only on when required). AquaDry Air Agitation blower system ensures rapid flash-off and drying times, saving energy and improving process times. Click to read more.

High performance, energy saving spraybooth lighting

Space efficient

Innovative roof-mounted air handling plant saves on floor space.  Direct gas-fired burner system is virtually 100% efficient (optional LPG and indirect oil-fired burner available if required).

Variable speed fan control

High efficiency fan system with energy-saving variable speed control and fully-automated “Eco mode”.

Real world sophistication

Sophisticated, fully programmable control panel with a robust, operator-friendly interface.

Service and support

Comprehensive aftercare and service package includes 2-year warranty.

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