Spraybooths for aerospace and military aviation

From the most intricate aircraft components and internal fittings to complete commercial, military and private aircraft paint booths, STL has a proven and unmatched track record within this specialised industry. We have designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned new aircraft paint booths and spraying facilities throughout the world, creating safe, effective and fully compliant environments to support the manufacture and/or refurbishment of aircraft and aircraft components.

Purpose-built aircraft spraying facilities

We have created purpose-built aerospace spraybooths within existing hangars, as well as brand new brown-field constructions, for a wide range of military and civil aircraft.

Aircraft paint booths, aerospace spraybooths and spraying facilities
Aircraft paint booths, aerospace spraybooths

Aircraft hangar spraybooth conversions

The modification of existing hanger facilities into fully compliant spraybooths, complete with spray and bake cycle, through the installation of high performance air ventilation, extraction and lighting systems.

Component paint booths

Powerful and versatile paint spraying facilities, custom designed for aircraft components ranging from small impellor blades to complete wing sections for commercial aircraft. We are able to achieve the higher curing temperatures, required by specialist aerospace coatings, within a combination-spraybooth, negating the need for a separate oven and curing process, reducing both energy costs and process times.

aerospace spraybooths and spraying facilities
Aircraft paint booths and spraying facilities

Intelligent design meets process-driven engineering

STL equipment enjoys a proud reputation for combining performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

All of our aircraft spraybooth facilities are custom designed to meet rigorous and specific performance criteria. Furthermore, we ensure that each facility is tailored to suit the operational processes of each site.

Accurate temperature and humidity control

STL has supplied numerous NADCAP approved facilities. Unique air handling technology enables us to manage both humidity and temperature uniformity throughout the cabin to within tightly controlled tolerances.

Making sense of regulations

While there are currently no codes of practise that specifically cover aircraft paint booths, there are many separate (and sometimes conflicting) guidance documents that cover elements of the design.

Renowned throughout the industry, the STL engineering team has the expertise and experience to create sensible, best practice working documents tailored to each application.

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